Together In the Way

Together In The Way

“Together In The Way” provides a space where pastors can meet together for friendship, prayer and study. We recognise that the way of the pastor is often difficult and many pastors struggle alone in ministry. Roots forms small groups of 8 to 10 pastors. Each Together In The Way group is interdenominational. The purpose is to share the load of ministry together and not to debate small doctrinal differences. Pastors in these small groups meet once a week to talk about their lives and ministries. At each meeting of ‘Together In The Way’, the pastors pray for each other, reflect on a chapter of a book they read together and share a hot drink. The pastors are also invited periodically to training workshops and are given subsidised books addressing important theological or pastoral subjects. Roots presently hosts 7 groups of pastors who meet weekly for mutual support.

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