Delfina Long ModDelfina is a third year student at the Baptist Seminary and a participant in Roots ‘Generation 4’ scholarship program. She says:

“Roots helped me greatly in 2018. With Roots’ support I feel more confident and less fearful. Before the Langham preaching courses I was afraid of preaching. However, after participating in the course and having the opportunity to preach, I now am challenged to preach in such a way that others around me learn about the Word of God. 

Right now I serve with children, and it delights me to be involved in God’s work. I would like to write books so that through what I write people come to know Him. My hope is that adolescents avoid mistakes, and that through Bible study, would make good decisions. I hope that God might use me in this way, to write, and to influence young people. I am grateful that for the assistance I receive from Roots in my spiritual, ministerial and theological formation.” 

Roots was thrilled this year when Ana, a longtime friend of Roots, volunteered to come alongside Delfina and mentor her. Ana has a servant heart and a lifetime of experience in ministry. 

Delfina y Ana

At Roots we hope to prepare a new generation of preachers and maybe one day writers! There are very few published Bolivian theologians. Please pray with us that God would raise up leaders like Delfina, to preach and to write in Bolivia! 

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