Roots Association was founded in December 2009 awarding a theological scholarship to Pablo Salinas, a student at the Baptist Seminary in Cochabamba. Since then Roots has grown and assisted many young Bolivians train for ministry through our Generation 4 scholarship program.

As we tracked the progress of the young pastors who were formerly students, we became aware that many Bolivian pastors found ministry difficult. Many had only limited formal theological training and many were bi-vocational. In 2014 Roots launched a support network for pastors called Together In The Way. The purpose of the groups was not to financially assist pastors, since each congregation is responsible to support their own pastor. Through Together In The Way Roots began providing a safe place where pastors could meet together once a week, for prayer and fellowship, and for sharing the burden of ministry and their common call. In September 2017 we opened our 7th TITW group in Sacaba in Cochabamba’s east.

Roots presently operates in Cochabamba and Guayaramerín.

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